Steven C. George, M.D., Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2007
For the development of quantitative methods and techniques to characterize nitric oxide exchange dynamics in the lungs.

Washington University Invests $25 million in Imaging Sciences

Via Wash. U St. Louis | December 17, 2016

Building on its extensive history in imaging —from individual cells and nerves to cancerous tumors and Alzheimer’s plaques — Washington University in St. Louis is launching a bold, $25 million initiative over the next five years to support its researchers as they develop innovative technologies aimed at improving science and medicine worldwide.

Initially, the Imaging Sciences Initiative — a partnership between the School of Engineering & Applied Science and the School of Medicine — will bring in more than a dozen new faculty with strengths in various aspects of imaging sciences. Both schools have their own long-standing strengths in the field, with more than 100 imaging scientists between them.

The new initiative strengthens the connection between the schools and encourages the development of new imaging technologies to diagnose and treat disease as well as study intricate biological structures, metabolism and physiology, and critical molecular and cellular processes.

“There is a very strong history here in imaging, and we want to maintain and build on that tradition,” said Steven C. George, MD, PhD, the Elvera & William Stuckenberg Professor of Technology & Human Affairs and chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. “By bringing together the vast knowledge base between basic scientists in engineering and medicine, we have the potential to change medicine as we know it.”