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Linda Petzold Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Linda Petzold | Via Noozhawk | May 15, 2021

For their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research, UC Santa Barbara professors Denise Montell, Linda Petzold and Glenn Fredrickson have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). They are among 120 members, and 30 international members, to join the academy this year. Membership in the NAS is one of the most prestigious […]

Casana Announces the Launch of Their Smart Integrated Technologies Lab (The SIT Lab) in Rochester, NY; Led by Nicholas Conn, PhD and Dave Borkholder, PhD

Dave Borkholder | Via GlobeNewswire | May 14, 2021

Casana, a healthcare technology firm that is reinventing in-home health monitoring, announced today that they have launched a Smart Integrated Technologies Lab (The SIT Lab) from which they will conduct research studies to evaluate Casana’s effortless and noninvasive health monitoring products, including The Heart Seat. The SIT Lab, located in Casana’s Rochester, NY headquarters, will […]

Implantable ‘Living Pharmacy’ Could Control Body’s Sleep/Wake Cycles

Guillermo Ameer | Via Northwestern University | May 13, 2021

A Northwestern University-led team of researchers has signed a cooperative agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a wireless, fully implantable device that will control the body’s circadian clock, halving the time it takes to recover from disrupted sleep/wake cycles. The first phase of the highly interdisciplinary program will focus on […]

Biomedical engineering researchers target glioblastoma recurrence

Paul Dayton | Via NCSU | May 12, 2021

Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, affecting the brain and spine and often recurring despite treatment. With funding from the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences (NC TraCS) Institute, a team of researchers at NC State’s and UNC-Chapel Hill’s Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering gathered crucial preliminary data about glioblastoma recurrence, […]

Anticancer drug effective against severe COVID-19

Yihai Cao | Via Sciencenews | May 7, 2021

A small trial with participants from Italy and China shows that the anticancer drug bevacizumab is extremely effective in reducing severe COVID-19 symptoms. The whole world is looking for new ways to combat COVID-19. This mainly relates to manufacturing vaccines, but pharmaceutical companies have also developed many antibody treatments to the clinical trial stage and […]

Feinstein receives $3.7M NIH grant for bioelectronic medicine research

Kevin Tracey | Via Northwell Health | May 6, 2021

The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, the global scientific home of bioelectronic medicine, has been awarded a five-year grant totaling more than $3.7 million from the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) to support research in the molecular basis of bioelectronic medicine. Kevin J. Tracey, MD, president and CEO […]

AI spots individual neurons in the eye better than human experts

Dan Hammer | Via Medical Xpress | May 5, 2021

A new combination of optical coherence tomography (OCT), adaptive optics and deep neural networks should enable better diagnosis and monitoring for neuron-damaging eye and brain diseases like glaucoma. Biomedical engineers at Duke University led a multi-institution consortium to develop the process, which easily and precisely tracks changes in the number and shape of retinal ganglion […]

Subtle Medical Awarded Breakthrough Patent for Reduced Contrast Agent Dosage in Medical Imaging Exams

Greg Zaharchuk | Via PR News Wire | May 4, 2021

Subtle Medical, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the speed and quality of medical imaging, announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,997,716 for their licensed innovative software that uses deep learning to drastically reduce contrast dosage needed during contrast-enhanced medical imaging exams. The patent was invented by Drs. […]

Focused ultrasound enables precise noninvasive therapy

Bin He | Via Carnegie Mellon University | May 4, 2021

Carnegie Mellon University’s He Lab in new window is focusing on noninvasive neuroengineering solutions that not only provide diagnostic techniques, but also innovative treatment options. Their latest research has demonstrated that noninvasive neuromodulation via low-intensity ultrasound can have cell-type selectivity in manipulating neurons. Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, and insomnia are just a few of the neurological […]

Winter named Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry

Jessica Winter | Via The Ohio State University | May 4, 2021

In recognition of her significant contributions to publishing in the chemical sciences, Professor Jessica Winter has been Invited to become a Fellow of the internationally-renowned Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). An influential champion for the chemical sciences, the RSC is the world’s leading chemistry community and an influential champion for the chemical sciences. Its mission […]

Conserving oxygen by manually pinching off the supply during exhalation

Samsun Lampotang | Via University of Florida Health | May 3, 2021

Summary In an oxygen-pinching technique developed and refined on a model-driven, oxygen-consuming Human Patient Simulator, the patient or a caregiver manually interrupts oxygen flow from a cylinder during exhalation by pinching the oxygen tubing with pliers. Simulated oxygen saturation (SpO2) improved from 87% at room air to above 95% while decreasing oxygen usage by up […]

USF Engineering Professor Norma Alcantar to be Inducted into Florida Inventors Hall of Fame

Norma Alcantar | Via University of South Florida | April 29, 2021

USF Professor Norma Alcantar—who engineered an ancient practice of cleaning water with cactus mucilage to create modern technologies—is among seven new inductees to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame announced today. Alcantar joins noted inventors Dean Kamen, often referred to as the modern Thomas Edison due to the breadth and scope of his inventions, and […]

BME Professor Matthew Walker III was biomedical design leader

Matthew Walker, III | Via Vanderbilt Engineering | April 27, 2021

Matthew Walker III, professor of the practice of biomedical engineering and associate professor of radiology and radiological sciences, died April 24, 2021, at his home. Walker, 56, designed an innovative biomedical engineering design curriculum that leveraged connections between the Vanderbilt School of Engineering, the medical school and the biotechnology community. He served as the biomedical […]

Society’s New Fellows Show Strength of Wales’ Academic and Intellectual Life

David F. Williams | Via Learned Society of Wales | April 27, 2021

The Learned Society of Wales has welcomed 45 new academics, researchers and professionals to its Fellowship. The new Fellows demonstrate the ongoing excellence of Welsh research, universities and intellectual life, all of which have shone during the extraordinary events of this pandemic-marked year. The new Fellows include academics from Welsh, UK and overseas higher education institutions as well as individuals who a play a significant role in Welsh public […]

Professor Cato T. Laurencin Has Been Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Cato Laurencin | Via University of Connecticut | April 27, 2021

On April 26, 2021 the National Academy of Sciences announced that Dr. Cato T. Laurencin was elected as a new member, making him the first surgeon to be elected to membership in the three National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. Laurencin is known as a world […]

Stroke-recovery device using brain-computer interface receives FDA market authorization

Daniel Moran | Via Washington University in St. Louis | April 27, 2021

A first-of-its kind device that helps people disabled by stroke regain significant control over their arm and hand function by using their minds has received market authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The IpsiHand Upper Extremity Rehabilitation System, developed by Neurolutions Inc. — a Washington University in St. Louis startup company — leverages […]

These cellular clocks help explain why elephants are bigger than mice

Helen Blau | Via Nature | April 27, 2021

In her laboratory in Barcelona, Spain, Miki Ebisuya has built a clock without cogs, springs or numbers. This clock doesn’t tick. It is made of genes and proteins, and it keeps time in a layer of cells that Ebisuya’s team has grown in its lab. This biological clock is tiny, but it could help to […]

Hitting a home run for artificial organ research

Keith Cook | Via Carnegie Mellon University | April 26, 2021

For tens of millions of patients who battle chronic lung diseases, present-day care options are mostly limited to short-term drug and oxygen therapy. Biomedical Engineering’s Interim Department Head and Professor Keith Cook is working on innovative technologies to advance the long-term effectiveness and future use of artificial organs to address this worldwide issue. In new […]

He Lab Taps Machine Learning to Improve Cell-Based Medicine

Shawn He | Via University of Maryland | April 26, 2021

University of Maryland (UMD) Fischell Department of Bioengineering (BIOE) Professor Xiaoming (Shawn) He and members of his Multiscale Biomaterials Engineering Lab have developed an affordable system that uses machine learning and smartphone technology to improve how living cells are identified and sorted for applications in cell-based medicine. Their technique – highlighted today in Small – […]

Jennifer West Named Dean of Engineering and Applied Science

Jennifer West | Via UVA | April 23, 2021

The University of Virginia today announced the appointment of Jennifer L. West as the 14th dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, effective July 1. West is currently the Associate Dean for Ph.D. Education and the Fitzpatrick Family University Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at the Pratt School […]