Professional Impact Award

Nominations for the Professional Impact Award are now closed. Awardees will be announced during AIMBE’s Virtual Annual Event on March 26, 2021.

Nominations for the Professional Impact Awards are solicited by AIMBE in the following categories:

Mentoring: including supporting the growth and development of students, post-docs, and early career faculty; motivating and empowering mentees to pursue and achieve their goals, and helping mentees build a network of professional relationships to strengthen their careers.

Diversity: including contributing to the advancement of underrepresented minorities in medical and biological engineering, diversifying the biomedical sciences and biomedical engineering workforce, providing underrepresented students with early exposure to the profession recruiting, retaining and promoting diverse talent; and improving the culture of inclusion.

Philanthropy: including advancing, contributing, and/or volunteering to philanthropic, or non-profit organizations working to improve the lives, communities or opportunities of others.

Advocacy: including taking an active role in local, state and/or federal policy or regulations, meeting with lawmakers and briefing them on medical and biological engineering issues; advancing public positions in editorials, talks or rallies.

Leadership: including serving on committees, boards of directors, or other governance positions; participating on peer review panels, advisory commissions, or study groups.

Education: including advancing new teaching methods, curriculum, or training techniques; contributing to changes and improvements on campus, academic life, and/or relationships of students and faculty; promoting and/or advancing STEM.