Nominations & Election for 2018

To begin preparing your 2019 nomination, please click here to view last year’s form for your reference.

Candidates Can Only Be Considered for Election by the College of Fellows if Nominated by an Existing Fellow. Fellows Are Encouraged to Nominate Candidates That Have Demonstrated Long-Lasting Contribution to Biomedical Engineering and Innovation. AIMBE Fellows Represent the Top 2 Percent of the Most Accomplished Leaders in the Field of Medical and Biological Engineering. Specialty Subcommittees Are Asked to Score Nominations Based on the Following Criteria:

1) Professional society and/or public service contributions
2) Contributions to research or engineering practice
3) Ability to serve as an asset to AIMBE

Candidates receiving the highest scoring in each review subcommittee are advanced directly to the election ballot. Candidates scoring in the middle are provided additional subcommittee review and discussion, and if qualified, approved for the election ballot. Candidates scoring in the lower ranks are carefully reviewed by the specialty subcommittee and if qualified, forwarded to a Special Review Committee in November for additional consideration. All qualified candidates approved by the Specialty Subcommittees or Special Review Committee are advanced to the election ballot. In recent years, few academic nominations from the ranks of Associate Professor have been advanced to the ballot and only a small percent of these nominations have received sufficient votes to be elected.

The names and credentials of highly qualified candidates are prepared and placed on a printed ballot and forwarded to the full College of Fellows for consideration and election in November. The ballot contains the name, affiliation, and biography for each candidate The College of Fellow’s members are asked to vote or abstain on the election of each candidate. If a candidate receives 74.5% of a positive vote (Positive Votes/Total Votes, excluding abstentions), that candidate is elected to the College of Fellows, and inducted at AIMBE’s Annual Event to be held April 8 & 9, 2018 in Washington, D.C. The induction ceremony occurs Monday, April 9, 2018 at the National Academy of Sciences.

Nomination Process for the 2018 CLASS