AIMBE 2024-2027 Strategic Plan

Transformative Engagement: A Strategic Blueprint for the Next Era of Medical and Biological Engineering Advocacy

AIMBE is only as strong as the level of engagement of its prestigious Fellows. Across the next three years, AIMBE plans to launch and fortify several activities and programs aimed at better supporting Fellows. The goal of these efforts is to meet Fellow needs and allow for increased engagement. Engaged and active Fellows are the bedrock of AIMBE and allow us to actualize our mission of advocacy for medical and biological engineering to benefit society.

AIMBE’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan is focused on three main objectives

Across the three-year timespan of the strategic plan we will be tracking activities under each objective. See below for new programs and developing activities that we’ve already launched to deliver on this plan.


  • Streamlined nominations and review process
  • New emerging leaders program to build mentorship opportunities and a path to Fellowship with a goal of increasing Fellow diversity
  • New/improved resources for members available on AIMBE’s website
  • Tailored activities relevant to the various AIMBE Councils and international Fellows


  • Increasing advocacy training for members
  • Providing a greater number of opportunities to participate in direct advocacy each year
  • Expanding participation in relevant member society coalitions
  • Actioning on broader advocacy and policy topics in addition to NIH and NSF appropriations
  • Engaging with international Fellows on global policy topics


  • Creating and supporting activities to advocate in a Fellow’s state or at their institution
  • Connecting Fellows in the same region interested in a common topic/advocacy issue
  • Tracking state issues that affect AIMBE Fellows
  • Providing written materials that Fellows can use to educate the public and policy makers`