AIMBE Professional Conduct Policy

Adopted October 2019

Membership in the AIMBE College of Fellows is considered a high professional honor establishing the recipient among the most accomplished in the fields of medical and biological engineering. It is AIMBE’s policy that individuals accepting this high honor must not only maintain the highest professional ethics and scientific integrity but must support and advance such standards in all aspects of their work, studies and research.

Upon accepting membership in AIMBE, all Fellows will agree their memberships in the College of Fellows can be immediately terminated, at AIMBE’s sole discretion, upon proven scientific misconduct, or serious breach of professional ethics per the procedures established by this policy.

Request for revocation shall be received in writing by AIMBE and must include documented findings or actions taken by a government agency, law enforcement, professional organization, academic institution or court of law. Such request, if deemed substantial by the AIMBE Executive Committee, will be forwarded to outside counsel for confirmation and review, and all involved Fellows(s) informed of such inquiry. If, in the opinion of outside counsel a reasonable assertion of proven scientific misconduct or serious breach of professional ethics is substantiated, the involved Fellow(s) will be provided an opportunity to resign within 30 days. If the Fellow(s) subject to the request for revocation seeks a formal determination, the written request for revocation, outside counsel findings, and any written response from involved Fellow(s) will be forwarded to the full Board of Directors for consideration. The decision of the Board is the final decision and there is no appeal.