Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2014
For outstanding contributions to auditory neuroscience, especially information processing in  auditory attention and spatial hearing.

When Your Eyes Move, So Do Your Eardrums

Via The Atlantic | January 23, 2018

Without moving your head, look to your left. Now look to your right. Keep flicking your eyes back and forth, left and right.

Even if you managed to keep the rest of your body completely still, your eyeballs were not the only parts of your head that just moved. Your ears did, too. Specifically, your eardrums—the thin membranes inside each of your ears—wobbled. As your eyes flitted right, both eardrums bulged to the left, one inward and one outward. They then bounced back and forth a few times, before coming to a halt. When you looked left, they bulged to the right, and oscillated again.


Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, from Boston University, also studies the neuroscience of hearing, and she is more circumspect. “It is a very interesting and previously unknown phenomenon, which may turn out to be incredibly important,” she says, “But so far, there is no evidence it is. We just don’t yet know why it happens or what it means… Continue reading.


Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Ph.D. To be Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite

Via AIMBE | February 25, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) has announced the pending induction of Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Ph.D., Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Founding Director, Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University, to its College of Fellows. Dr. Shinn-Cunningham was nominated, reviewed, and elected by peers and members of the College of Fellows For outstanding contributions to auditory neuroscience, especially information processing in auditory attention and spatial hearing.