Industry Council

AIMBE’s Industry Council: Your Partner in Fostering Innovation

The medical and biological engineering community has posted impressive achievements, greatly improving health and quality of life for millions around the world and providing the foundation for a cutting-edge industry that generates more than $200 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

That success has benefited from a collaboration among academia, business and government that is nurtured daily by AIMBE’s Industry Council. See benefits to membership in the AIMBE Industry Council here.

Members of the Industry Council – the companies and key corporate leaders of the bioengineering revolution – identify and act on common interests that will further advance medical and biological engineering and enhance public health and welfare.

Several levels of Industry Council sponsorship and participation are available; all bring substantial benefits:

AIMBE works on behalf of industry to maintain the pace of innovation and assure that progress in medical and biological engineering are integral to the national agenda. For lawmakers, regulators, the media and the public, AIMBE is an authoritative and respected source of information, perspectives and leadership on sometimes-mystifying technical and public policy issues. AIMBE and its Industry Council work in several areas of importance to industry’s policy concerns:

The AIMBE Center of Excellence for Accelerating Innovation works to develop a high-speed bridge between the laboratory and widespread application of bioengineering breakthroughs. The Center highlights the value of technology to policy makers, works to assure that NIH, FDA and other agencies are properly funded and collaborates with those agencies to streamline the innovation process.

The recently formed AIMBE/FDA Working Group works to remove innovation barriers within the FDA process and make AIMBE Fellows a source of ad hoc expertise for the FDA’s mission.

AIMBE hosted a forum in 2011 to develop best practices for Technology Transfer from Universities to private industry. The resulting white paper entitled “A Call to Action: Defining the Industry-Academic Relationships for Effective Technology Transfer” offers a roadmap for Universities and Industry collaborators to more efficiently speed translational research from basic research laboratories to patients.

AIMBE also is active on many other policy fronts critical to industry, including establishment of a permanent federal R&D tax credit.

Consumers can rely on AIMBE Fellows for credible information on issues of the merits and safety of medical breakthroughs. In an era of widespread public skepticism about new technologies, these respected researchers and academics offer independent, informed assurances that can make the difference between widespread acceptance and rejection of a product or procedure. The Industry Council works to assure that their voices are brought forward at appropriate times in public discussions.

As consultants to industry, AIMBE Fellows provide critical outside experience and expertise. They help companies find the missing linkages to new technological breakthroughs.

The academic centers represented within AIMBE are fertile ground for companies seeking the best engineering talent for their own laboratories. Industry Council membership enhances your company’s access to that talent pool, among both faculty members and the young minds they are training for careers that will mine the 21st century’s potential.

AIMBE and its Industry Council engage in collaborative and complementary relationships with the field’s foremost trade organizations. We are advocates on issues such as removing barriers to innovation and fostering the role of small business in bioengineering.

AIMBE works constantly to raise the profile and enhance the image of medical and biological engineering and its products. The AIMBE Hall of Fame – founded in 2005 to highlight a century of key innovations, and scheduled to receive new inductees in 2007 – demonstrates to the public and policy makers the importance of this field’s innovative drive in the past, present and future. And through its work to highlight the growing role and importance of women in the field, AIMBE motivates more bright and creative young people to join the drive forward.

Support for AIMBE’s Industry Council is vital to sustaining the pace of innovation.

Please join us as a partner building for the future.