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Dobson Receives International Journal of Nanomedicine Distinguished Scientist Award

JonDobson | Via U. Florida | February 1, 2017

Dr. Jon Dobson, UF BME professor, has been selected for the International Journal of Nanomedicine Distinguished Scientist Award. The Distinguished Scientist Award recognizes an established scientist who has made significant contribution to the field of nanomedicine. Dobson will receive this award at the Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting in Minneapolis on April 6, 2017.The International Journal […]

TBEP and MBD: Engineered Smart Scaffolds Could Help Repair Damaged Hearts And Muscles

Michael Sefton | Via U. Toronto | January 25, 2017

A scar on your skin may be insignificant, but a scar on your heart could be deadly. Scar tissue in muscle can impair its function and lead to long-term damage, from limping to heart failure. Leading-edge research from U of T Engineering is addressing this challenge. Two multidisciplinary teams consisting of engineers, biologists, physicians and […]

Renowned bioengineer to Join Harvard Faculty

Samir Mitragotri | Via Harvard | January 23, 2017

Samir Mitragotri, a leading chemical- and bio-engineer who develops new techniques and materials for treating conditions such as diabetes, cancer and bleeding disorders, will join the faculty of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). He is currently the Mellichamp Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, […]

Winners announced in the Blackwood Design Awards 2016

Rory Cooper | Via Blackwood | January 23, 2017

After months of planning and preparation, last Friday marked the ‘Dragon’s Den’ style finale of the Blackwood Design Awards 2016. We assembled a panel of judges from various sectors of expertise and Skyped our finalists from all over the world including Japan and the USA. The winner of the ‘Best New Concept’ was the MeBot created by […]

Biomedical Pioneer, Gilda Barabino, Video Profile

Gilda Barabino | Via MAKE IT COUNT | January 18, 2017

In this latest episode of MAKE IT COUNT, meet Dr. Gilda Barabino, Dean of the Grove School of Engineering at The City College of New York…a true pioneer and woman of her time. She is a biomedical engineer, who as an African-American, a woman, has broken stereotypes and achieved the highest honors in her field. […]

Researchers Use Salmonella Bacteria To Combat Brain Tumors

Ravi Bellamkonda | Via Duke Chronicle | January 18, 2017

Although most people associate salmonella with a bad case of food poisoning, a team of Duke scientists have shown that the bacteria could potentially be used to treat cancer. Led by Ravi Bellamkonda, Vinik Dean of the Pratt School of Engineering, the researchers adopted a strain of Salmonella typhimurium and made several genetic modifications to […]

KAIST to Participate in the 2017 Davos Forum

Sang Yup Lee | Via KAIST | January 17, 2017

KAIST representatives will join high profile, multi-stakeholder dialogues with global leaders across the world to discuss higher education, science, and technological innovation.    KAIST President Sung-Mo Kang and Distinguished Professor Sang Yup Lee of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department will participate in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Annual Meeting (a.k.a., Davos Forum) on January […]

Professors Ateshian and Myers Win ASME Honors for Bioengineering Research

Gerard Ateshian | Via Columbia | January 17, 2017

Two mechanical engineering professors have won top honors from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Gerard Ateshian, Andrew Walz Professor of Mechanical Engineering and professor of biomedical engineering, was awarded the 2017 H.R. Lissner Medal for his “outstanding contributions to theoretical formulations and experimental investigations of cartilage mechanics and tissue engineering, and for pivotal […]

Guigen Zhang Begins Term as President of the Institute of Biological Engineering

Guigen Zhang | Via Clemson | January 12, 2017

On January 1, 2017, Guigen Zhang, Professor and Associate Chair for Program Development and Outreach, Department of Bioengineering; and Executive Director, Institute of Biological Interfaces of Engineering, began his term as president of the Institute of Biological Engineering. Here, Zhang shares his vision on the possibility of a biological revolution and his belief in solving […]

DNA Duplicator Small Enough To Hold In Your Hand

COF-0397 | Via Vanderbilt | January 12, 2017

Imagine a “DNA photocopier” small enough to hold in your hand that could identify the bacteria or virus causing an infection even before the symptoms appear. This possibility is raised by a fundamentally new method for controlling a powerful but finicky process called the polymerase chain reaction. PCR was developed in 1983 by Kary Mullis, […]

Wagner Named Fellow of NAI

William Wagner | Via Pitt Chronicle | January 11, 2017

With 17 patents and more than 40 invention disclosures to his name, University of Pittsburgh professor William Wagner has been named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). According to the NAI, the honor is “the highest professional distinction accorded solely to academic inventors who have demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or […]

University Of Minnesota Research Shows That People Can Control A Robotic Arm With Only Their Minds

Bin He | Via U. Minnesota | January 9, 2017

Groundbreaking study demonstrates potential to help millions of people with disabilitiesMINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (12/14/2016) — Researchers at the University of Minnesota have made a major breakthrough that allows people to control a robotic arm using only their minds. The research has the potential to help millions of people who are paralyzed or have neurodegenerative […]

Researchers’ Sensor Integrates Inflammatory Bowel Disease Detection Into Colonoscopy Procedure

Anita Mahadevan-Jansen | Via Vanderbilt | January 5, 2017

Vanderbilt researchers have developed the first sensor capable of objectively identifying inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and distinguishing between its two subtypes. The device represents a substantial achievement toward a more personalized approach to diagnosing and treating IBD, a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract affecting more than 1 million Americans. Current diagnostic and treatment procedures […]

Frequency, Led by MIT’s Langer, Aims to Fight Hearing Loss With Drugs

Robert Langer | Via Xconomy | January 5, 2017

Concerts, power tools, screeching subway trains—they are among the many loud noises that can cause hearing loss by killing off the hair cells in our inner ear that pick up sounds. A new Cambridge, MA-based biotech, founded by famed MIT researcher Bob Langer and Harvard Medical School’s Jeff Karp, believes it has drugs that can […]

Trailhead Biosystems Participates in $300 Million Consortium, the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI)

Dean Kamen | Via Market Wired | January 5, 2017

CLEVELAND, OH–(Marketwired – Jan 5, 2017) – The Department of Defense recently announced that $80 million from the federal government will be combined with more than $200 million in cost share to support the development of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI). This new institute, led by industrialist Dean Kamen, will be the 12th Manufacturing […]

Simon Cherry Elected to National Academy of Inventors

Simon Cherry | Via UC Davis | January 4, 2017

DAVIS, Calif.; January 4, 2017–The National Academy of Inventors has elected Simon Cherry, distinguished professor in the UC Davis Department of Biomedical Engineering, to its 2016 class of fellows. Simon Cherry, UC Davis distinguished professor of biomedical engineering The academy accords fellowship status to “academic inventors who have demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation in creating […]

Washington University Invests $25 million in Imaging Sciences

Steven George | Via Wash. U St. Louis | December 17, 2016

Building on its extensive history in imaging —from individual cells and nerves to cancerous tumors and Alzheimer’s plaques — Washington University in St. Louis is launching a bold, $25 million initiative over the next five years to support its researchers as they develop innovative technologies aimed at improving science and medicine worldwide. Initially, the Imaging […]

Skin Cells ‘crawl’ Together To Heal Wounds Treated With Unique Hydrogel Layer

Milica Radisic | Via U. Toronto | December 14, 2016

Time may not heal all wounds, but a proprietary mix of peptides and gel developed by U of T Engineering researchers heals most. A team led by Professor Milica Radisic (IBBME, ChemE) has demonstrated for the first time that their peptide-hydrogel biomaterial prompts skin cells to “crawl” toward one another, closing chronic, non-healing wounds often […]

David Mooney Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

David Mooney | Via Harvard | December 13, 2016

CAMBRIDGE – December 13, 2016 – David Mooney, the Robert P. Pinkas Family Professor of Bioengineering at the Harvard John A. Paulson School for Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and a Core Faculty Member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard, has been elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors […]