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Support NIH

I am writing to ask for your support of the National Institutes of Health and increasing funding for this critical research agency to at least $51 billion for FY24. Congress provided $47.5 billion for NIH in FY23; however, additional increases are needed for FY24. It is imperative to provide these additional resources and avoid budget cuts at NIH as the agency continues to work to address multiple health consequences of COVID, including long COVID. Additionally, the NIH budget merits a stronger priority as our population continues to age and present new and increasing challenges for our current health system.

More must be done to maintain and expand the Congressional commitment to NIH on behalf of the American people and the Agency’s position as the world’s premier medical research entity. In addition to NIH’s role in finding answers for Alzheimer’s and cancer, increased funding is needed to support early-career investigators, address health disparities research, and drive innovation in biomedical engineering research.

Please let me know if you support fully funding NIH in FY24 at a minimum of $51 billion.

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