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Raise the Budget Caps

As a biomedical engineer and constituent, I am writing to ask your support in raising the budget caps to permit increased appropriations for NSF, NIH and other critical biomedical research programs.

After years of Congressional sequestration cuts and appropriations that have not kept pace with inflation, it is essential Congress approve budget caps that permit responsible increases to biomedical research so vital to the health of Americans, our economy, national security and global competitiveness.

As pillars of America’s scientific research enterprise, NIH and NSF-funded research has advanced our knowledge of disease, relief of pain, and prolonging human health, as well as promoting basic science and medical discovery on our university campuses.

Now, arbitrary budget caps set years ago threaten the return of across-the-board cuts to all non-defense programs. Congress must step up and do their job by stopping any further government shutdowns and passing all appropriations measures, that include raising the caps to permit critical increased spending for medical discovery and innovation at NIH and NSF.

Please let me know if I can count on your support to raise non-defense spending caps.

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