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NIH Funding for COVID Stimulus Package

I am writing to urge you to include needed research funding for the National Institutes of Health in the emergency COVID-19 stimulus package currently being developed. The NIH is in urgent need of $18 billion in emergency relief funding to resume pre-pandemic research, launch new COVID-19 projects at NIH institutes and centers, and support NIH’s federal health agency pandemic efforts.

As our country faces this national pandemic and health crisis, I oppose, and I urge you to oppose, recent actions by the White House to eliminate relief funding for critical COVID-19 responses by federal agencies including NIH.

Nearly every major university biomedical research lab has committed funding, lab equipment and supplies to address this national crisis. Emergency funding for NIH is needed to continue supporting these efforts, restore pre-pandemic research funding converted to COVID-19 initiatives, and advance new research toward our nation’s understanding and response to this life-threatening pandemic.

Our federal health agencies need your leadership and support.

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