AIMBE VOICE Paper Published by Science Translational Medicine

A new AIMBE Voice opinion paper recently published by Science Translational Medicine argues Americans have always embraced innovation but today there is a failure in making the case for public investments in medical-technology. AIMBE Fellow David Williams, and Professor of Biomaterials at Wake Force, led a task force in drafting the AIMBE Voice paper. The Task Force included David Williams, Elazer Edelman, Milica Radisci, Cato Laurencin and Darrel Untereker. The paper concludes Americans are less sure the benefits of medical innovation and suggest it is up to the medical-technology sector to educate society in an unbiased rational way about the success and benefits of biotechnology innovation. Only education, communications, and active outreach to and empowering of the community can address sources of tension and correct misunderstanding.