Stelios Andreadis, Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2009
For seminal studies on stem cells for cardiovascular tissue engineering, regulated protein delivery, and tissue regeneration strategies and models.

Study: Reversing aging of skeletal muscle

Via University at Buffalo | September 14, 2021

A University at Buffalo-led research team has shown that a protein named for the mythical land of youth in Irish folklore is effective at reversing aging in skeletal muscle cells.

Published Sept. 3 in Science Advances, the study centers on the protein NANOG, which is derived from Tír na nÓg, a place in Irish lore renowned for everlasting youth, beauty and health.

In a series of experiments, researchers overexpressed NANOG in myoblasts, which are the embryonic precursors to muscle tissue. The myoblasts were senescent, meaning they were no longer able to divide and grow… Continue reading.