Howard Bernstein, M.D., Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 1998
For important contributions in biomaterials-based drug delivery systems and imaging agents.

SQZ Biotech Presents Preclinical Data on its mRNA-based enhanced APCs and the Potential of the SQZ APC Platform in KRAS Driven Tumors

Via OA Online | April 10, 2021

SQZ Biotechnologies (NYSE: SQZ), a cell therapy company developing novel treatments for multiple therapeutic areas, today shared preclinical data from its next generation SQZ™ APCs, enhanced APCs or eAPCs, and the potentially broader applicability of the platform at the American Association for Cancer Research ( AACR ) 2021 Annual Meeting.

“One of the advantages of the Cell Squeeze ® technology is the ability to simultaneously engineer multiple functions in cells, the underpinning of our SQZ eAPC program. With this next generation program, we are aiming to achieve the benefits of combination therapies that can drive powerful immune responses within a single multiplexed cell therapy,” said Howard Bernstein, MD, PhD, chief scientific officer of SQZ. “Our vision is to incorporate additional functionality and new antigens to the foundation we are establishing with our lead SQZ APC program. The eAPC and KRAS data presented at AACR provide preclinical examples of how we could potentially extend our impact across indications and help more patients… Continue reading.