Roderic I. Pettigrew, M.D., Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2003
For significant contributions to research in magnetic resonance imaging.

National Academy of Engineering Announces Winners of 2019 Arthur M. Bueche Award

Via National Academy of Engineering | October 4, 2019

On Sunday, Oct. 6, during its 2019 annual meeting, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) will present two awards for extraordinary impact on the engineering profession. The Simon Ramo Founders Award will be presented to Cato Thomas Laurencin for his research contributions and leadership in engineering. The Arthur M. Bueche Award will be given to Roderic Ivan Pettigrew for his contributions to technology research, policy, and national and international cooperation.

Roderic Ivan Pettigrew is CEO of Engineering Health (EnHealth) and executive dean for Engineering Medicine (EnMed) at Texas A&M and Houston Methodist Hospital. He will be presented the Arthur M. Bueche Award “for leadership at the NIH and for academic and industrial convergence research and education, resulting in innovations that have improved global health care.” The award recognizes an engineer who has shown dedication in science and technology as well as active involvement in determining U.S. science and technology policy, and includes a commemorative medal… Continue reading.


Roderic I Pettigrew received the Spirit of the Heart Award

Via Association of Black Cardiologists | October 17, 2018

Roderic I Pettigrew received the Spirit of the Heart Award for national leadership in health promotion. The award is given by the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) which works to “save the hearts and minds of a diverse community”. These awards were created to recognize those with extraordinary contributions in medicine, research, mentoring, public service, leadership and volunteerism: More info.


Pettigrew honored with the SEC Faculty Achievement Award recognizing outstanding scholarship

Via Southeastern Conference | March 27, 2018

Pettigrew honored with the SEC Faculty Achievement Award recognizing outstanding scholarship; one award per SEC School: Every year, the SEC selects one faculty member from each school in the conference to receive the SEC Faculty Achievement Award. The award recognizes professors with outstanding records in research and scholarship. More info | Press Release


Texas A&M Engineering, Health Science Center to lead groundbreaking EnHealth Initiative

Via Texas A&M | November 8, 2017

Dr. Roderic I. Pettigrew, a physician-scientist and internationally recognized leader in biomedical imaging and bioengineering, will join Texas A&M University to lead Engineering Health (EnHealth), the nation’s first comprehensive educational program to fully integrate engineering into all health-related disciplines.

EnHealth will be an innovative, multicollege engineering health initiative based in Houston, Texas, designed to educate a new kind of health care professional with an engineering mindset who will invent transformational technology for health care’s greatest challenges. With Texas A&M’s interdisciplinary makeup and colleges of dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health and veterinary medicine, EnHealth will have a profound impact on both human and animal health. EnMed, the university’s engineering medicine track in partnership with Houston Methodist Hospital, will serve as the first program for EnHealth… Continue reading.


Pettigrew set for next Discovery Lecture

Via Vanderbilt | February 23, 2017

Roderic Pettigrew, Ph.D., M.D., director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) of the National Institutes of Health, will deliver the next Flexner Discovery Lecture on Thursday, March 2.

His lecture, entitled “Engineering Medicine for a Global Society,” will begin at 4 p.m. in 208 Light Hall. It is sponsored by the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences.

Pettigrew is known internationally for his pioneering work at Emory University School of Medicine in the 1990s involving four-dimensional imaging of the cardiovascular system using magnetic resonance (MRI).

Soon after being named NIBIB director in 2002, Pettigrew jointly led a national effort with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to create new interdisciplinary graduate training programs and later established the Quantum Projects program to address major healthcare problems.

Pettigrew also led national collaborative and international initiatives to develop low-cost and point-of-care medical technologies. He has called for and now leads a U.S.-India collaboration to develop unobtrusive/passive technologies for frequent recording of blood pressure to address the world-wide problem of hypertension.


NIBIB Director Dr. Roderic Pettigrew is Inducted into the National Academy of Sciences, India

Via NIBIB | February 13, 2017

NIBIB Director Dr. Roderic I. Pettigrew was recently inducted into India’s National Academy of Sciences as a foreign fellow.  In recent meetings with healthcare officials in India, Dr. Pettigrew explored developing technologies to help underserved populations gain access to healthcare in both countries.


Engineering as a New Frontier for Translational Medicine

Via Science Translational Magazine | April 1, 2015

Science Translational Medicine published a new article co-authored by Shu Chien, Rashid Bashir, Robert M. Nerem, and Roderic Pettigrew (All AIMBE Fellows), entitled “Engineering as a New Frontier for Translational Medicine” in the April 1 issue.

The article’s abstract reads: The inclusion of engineering ideas and approaches makes medicine a quantitative and systems-based discipline that facilitates precision diagnostics and therapeutics to improve health care delivery for all.