Guang-Zhong Yang, Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2010
For contributions to adaptive and flow imaging in MRI and pioneering effort in body sensor networks and robotic surgery.

Researchers Develop ‘Bio-patch’ to Monitor Post-surgical Success of Breast Reconstruction

Via Breastcancer News | November 9, 2018

An international team of researchers has developed a wireless device that can detect early problems after a patient undergoes breast reconstruction surgery.

The work, led by Imperial College London in the U.K., and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), was part of the Smart Sensing for Surgery project.

Breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy generally involves the transfer of the patient’s own tissue to help rebuild the breast. While the success rate of this procedure is high, early detection of potential problems could help to reduce post-surgical complications and prevent surgery failure… Continue reading.


Prestigious Robotics Journal To Be Led By Imperial Researcher

Via Imperial College London | January 8, 2016

Imperial’s Professor Guang-Zhong Yang has been appointed Editor of Science Robotics, the latest offering from Science publisher, AAAS.

The journal, which launches this year, will publish cutting-edge research into robotics.

Professor Yang is Director of the Hamlyn Centre, where he develops innovative medical technology using cutting-edge robotics, imaging and sensing. His team’s discoveries have enabled surgeons to utilise ultra-flexible and affordable robotic instruments, including snake robots and micro-surgical robots that help to treat patients with unprecedented accuracy during operations.  

As Editor, Professor Yang will be in charge of disseminating the results of robotics research carried out in human health, space, ocean, land, atmosphere, industrial, and service environments.