Craig Henriquez, Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2008
For outstanding contributions to the development of three-dimensional models of cardiac electrical activity that have aided our understanding of arrhythmias.

A New Holder of the University Mace

Via Duke Today | August 24, 2010

There will be a new look at the front of the procession Wednesday for Student Convocation. For the first time in a decade, former University Marshal Richard White won’t carry the university mace to lead Duke faculty and administrators into the Duke Chapel ceremony.

After serving two five-year terms, White, a University Distinguished Services Professor Emeritus, stepped down as university marshal following commencement in May. In consultation with faculty members, administrators decided to forgo appointing a replacement for White and instead gave the position to the chair of the Academic Council.

Succeeding White will be current council chair is Craig Henriquez, professor of biomedical engineering and computer science. He will carry the mace for the first time at Wednesday’s convocation.