Leonore Herzenberg, D.Sc.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2010
For pioneering work in flow cytometry data analysis and management and analysis of lymphocyte development and function.

Herzenberg Appointed To Endowed Professorship

Via Stanford | January 21, 2016

Leonore Herzenberg, D.Sc.-equivalent, was named the Department of Genetics Flow Cytometry Professor, effective April 14, 2015. Her research focuses on gene regulation in the immune system, development and function of B cells, and the development of automated software for analyzing research and clinical flow cytometry data collected with the fluorescence-activated cell sorter, or FACS.

This professorship was established to honor the contributions of the late Leonard Herzenberg, PhD, and his wife, Leonore, who developed the first FACS, an instrumental tool in immunology, stem cell research and proteomics. The funds came from a variety of sources, including friends and former students of the Herzenbergs.