Tingrui Pan, Ph.D.

AIMBE College of Fellows Class of 2017
For outstanding contributions to biomicrofluidics, biosensing and nanofabrication.

UC Davis Engineers, Clinician Develop Low-Cost, Portable Ventilator

Via UC Davis | April 29, 2020

Engineers at the University of California, Davis, are working with clinicians to create a simple, inexpensive ventilator. They have developed a prototype and plan to make plans freely available online. Versions could be in clinical use in about six months. “This is a critical device to have. It provides the vital functions of a ventilator while being completely portable,” said Andrew Li, assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at UC Davis Health. The device, named “AmbuBox,” is based on the ambu-bag, a handheld ventilation device. Squeezing the bag by hand pushes air into a patient’s lungs.

There is a gap between the handheld ambu-bag and expensive ventilators used in intensive care units, said Tingrui Pan, professor of biomedical engineering at UC Davis. One attempt to fill this gap is MIT’s E-VENT project, but this device involves a number of mechanical moving parts… Continue reading.

Tingrui Pan, Ph.D. To be Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite

Via AIMBE | March 1, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) has announced the pending induction of Tingrui Pan, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Micro and Nano Innovations Laboratory, University of California, Davis, to its College of Fellows. Dr. Pan was nominated, reviewed, and elected by peers and members of the College of Fellows For outstanding contributions to biomicrofluidics, biosensing and nanofabrication..