Dean Peterson Re-elected to Lead International Exoskeleton Standards Committee

Donald Peterson | Via Northern Illinois University | December 20, 2019

Donald R. Peterson, Ph.D., NIU’s dean of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology and mechanical engineering professor, was re-elected to a two-year term this month as chair of ASTM International’s exoskeletons and exosuits committee (F48). The committee’s task is to develop industry standards in the growing field of exoskeletons and exosuits.

An exoskeleton is a wearable device that can be powered or unpowered that, unlike a robot that is autonomous, can augment a human’s strength and/or capability. For example, it might allow a soldier to carry an extra 100 pounds of gear into battle. Or give a firefighter the ability to move a steel beam out of the way to rescue someone trapped in a building. These are just two real-life applications where exoskeletons are being used to augment a human strength. An exosuit, on the other hand, is made of soft material that bends with the body, and can also be powered or unpowered. Exosuits have been used to increase independence for people with mobility limitations, often referred to as a “wearable robot…Continue reading.