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New Technique For Sorting Live Cells May Expedite Biomedical Research

Nancy Allbritton | Via NC State University Newsroom | October 17, 2012

Researchers from North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a new technique that uses sound waves to rapidly separate selected collections of cells for use in biomedical research.

Bashir Receives IEEE EMBS Technical Achievement Award

Rashid Bashir | Via University of Illinois ECE | October 16, 2012

ECE and Bioengineering Professor Rashid Bashir has been recognized with the 2012 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Technical Achievement Award, “for significant contributions to the development of micro and nanoscale biosensors.” Bashir, an Abel Bliss Professor, directs the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory and is affiliated with the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science […]

Kavraki, Mikos Elected to Institute of Medicine

Antonios Mikos | Via Rice University News | October 15, 2012

Two Rice University scientists were elected to membership in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies today. Lydia Kavraki, the Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science and professor of bioengineering, and Antonios Mikos, the Louis Calder Professor of Bioengineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, are part of the new class of inductees named today at […]

2012 Young Investigator Award Winner: Ali Khademhosseini

Ali Khademhosseini | Via Biomedical Engineering Journal | October 15, 2012

The Editors of the Biochemical Engineering Journal, in partnership with the Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division of AIChE, are very pleased to announce the selection of Ali Khademhosseini as the recipient of the third Biochemical Engineering Journal Young Investigator Award. This award recognizes outstanding excellence in research and practice contributed to the field of biochemical […]

Healing Wounds, Visible and Invisible

Ellis Meng | Via USC Stevens Center for Innovation | October 15, 2012

War is its own kind of trauma. Days filled with strict regimented rules of behavior, constant travel, friends killed in roadside bombings and personal injuries: coming home to American life can be a great shock. Nathan Graeser, a U.S. Army Reserve chaplain, often gets calls in the middle of the night from returning soldiers he’s […]

Katherine Ferrara Receives the Highest IEEE-UFFCS Award

Katherine Ferrara | Via UC Davis Biomedical Engineering | October 12, 2012

Katherine Ferrara, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, received the IEEE-UFFCS  Achievement Award on October 8 at the  IEEE-UFFCS  (Ultrasonic Ferroelectric and Frequency Control Society) annual meeting in Dresden, Germany. The Achievement Award is the highest Society-wide award presented to a member in special recognition of outstanding contributions. Selection criteria include significant technical publications in the field […]

Gregory Tew and Research Team Score Advance in Manipulating T Cells

Gregory N. Tew | Via University of Massachusetts | October 11, 2012

Gregory Tew, professor of Polymer Science and Engineering and colleagues, including immunologist Lisa Minter, have found a way to get inside naïve T cells and to deliver bio-active cargo such as proteins and synthetic molecules across what had been a long-locked cell membrane. They do this by using a new synthetic protein transduction domain (PTD) […]

U of L Researcher Working on Astro-Surgical Device

George Pantalos | Via WDRB | October 9, 2012

A U of L researcher is working on an “out-of-this-world” concept: testing astro-surgery. And NASA is really hoping the idea works. With a crocheted space mobile and a blow-up shuttle, it’s easy to see George Pantalos’ passion. “I can remember back when I was in high school, which was back in the days of Apollo, that […]

Discovery Channel’s Curiosity Kicks Off with Plane Crash

Cynthia A. Bir | Via LA Times | October 7, 2012

According to executive producer Howard Swartz, the idea of crashing the plane had been in the planning stages with the production company, Dragonfly Film and Television Productions, for four years before coming to Discovery, and an additional six months of prep work once the cable channel decided to undertake the project. “We thought the idea […]

Christopher Voigt – MIT Team Builds Most Complex Synthetic Biology Circuit Yet

Christopher A. Voigt | Via CSBI @ MIT | October 7, 2012

Using genes as interchangeable parts, synthetic biologists design cellular circuits that can perform new functions, such as sensing environmental conditions. However, the complexity that can be achieved in such circuits has been limited by a critical bottleneck: the difficulty in assembling genetic components that don’t interfere with each other. Unlike electronic circuits on a silicon […]

Team with U of L Researcher Rides NASA’s ‘Vomit Comet’ to Test Zero-Gravity Surgery Device

George Pantalos | Via The Courier-Journal | October 5, 2012

What happens when astronauts are hurtling toward Mars on a years-long space voyage and one is injured, requiring emergency surgery in a environment lacking gravity? It may sound like science fiction, but it’s one of the challenges NASA faces in its goal of putting astronauts on Mars by 2035. And it has spurred a University […]

Researchers Test Zero-Gravity Surgery Device

George Pantalos | Via USA Today | October 5, 2012

What happens when astronauts are hurtling toward Mars on a years-long space voyage and one is injured, requiring emergency surgery in a environment lacking gravity? It may sound like science fiction, but it’s one of the challenges NASA faces in its goal of putting astronauts on Mars by 2035. And it has spurred a University […]

Watch Passenger plane Crash in Desert

Cynthia A. Bir | Via CNN | October 2, 2012

The Discovery Channel crashes a Boeing 727 into the desert on purpose to demonstrate how to survive a plane accident.

Wayne State Prof Crashes Airplane For Science

Cynthia A. Bir | Via CBS Detroit | October 1, 2012

Wayne State University professor and biomedical engineering researcher Cynthia Bir specializes in impacts. But her latest project undoubtedly produced the biggest bang of her career. Back in April, teamed with an international team of researchers, pilots and aircraft safety experts, Bir crashed a full-size passenger airplane into the remote desert along the U.S.-Mexico border, all in […]

National Academy of Engineering Honors Nicholas Peppas with Founders Award | McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering

Nicholas Peppas | Via Cockrell School of Engineering | October 1, 2012

The National Academy of Engineering has selected Nicholas Peppas as its 2012 Founders Award recipient in recognition of his pioneering work in the areas of polymer chemistry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical sciences and advanced drug delivery. Peppas is the chair of the Cockrell School of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Department, and he holds the Fletcher Stuckey Pratt Chair […]

Space Surgery Possible with Zero-Gravity Tool

George Pantalos | Via New Scientist | September 29, 2012

Draining an infected abscess on Earth is a straightforward procedure. On a spaceship travelling to the moon or Mars, it could kill everyone on board. Blood and bodily fluids cannot be contained in zero gravity, which means there is currently no way to perform surgery in space without contaminating the cabin. This makes an extended […]

Early Cancer Detection Technology Gets NIH Funds

Lonnie Shea | Via Northwestern University | September 28, 2012

Two Northwestern University faculty members have received a prestigious 2012 NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop technology to detect cancer metastasis at its earliest stages, allowing for life-preserving interventions. The NIH this month awarded approximately $155 million to 81 researchers across the country through its High Risk-High […]

Bill Murphy Named Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center Co-Director

William L. Murphy | Via University of Wisconsin Engineering | September 28, 2012

Biomedical Engineering and Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Associate Professor Bill Murphy has been named co-director of the UW-Madison Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center. He joins Timothy Kamp, professor of cardiovascular medicine, at the helm. Murphy served on the SCMRC’s first executive committee in 2007. More recently, as associate director, he led the formation of new […]

Dr David Vorp Appointed Associate Dean for Research

David Vorp | Via University of Pittsburgh Engineering | September 27, 2012

David A. Vorp, PhD, William Kepler Whiteford Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering, has been appointed Associate Dean for Research at the Swanson School, effective October 15, 2012. Dr. Vorp succeeds Mark Redfern, PhD, who was named as Pitt’s Vice Provost for Research in August 2012. “On behalf of […]

New Way of Fighting High Cholesterol Upends Assumptions

Shankar Subramaniam | Via UC San Diego | September 27, 2012

Atherosclerosis – the hardening of arteries that is a primary cause of cardiovascular disease and death – has long been presumed to be the fateful consequence of complicated interactions between overabundant cholesterol and resulting inflammation in the heart and blood vessels. However, researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the […]