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Illinois Engineering Professor Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

Huimin Zhao | Via University of Illinois News | April 12, 2012

University of Illinois professor Huimin Zhao has received a 2012 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. Guggenheim Fellowships are awarded annually on the basis of achievement and exceptional promise. Zhao, the Centennial Chair Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, is one of 181 distinguished scholars chosen from a pool of nearly 3,000 applicants. Zhao’s research focuses on developing […]

Tejal Desai receives Dawson Biotechnology Award

Tejal Desai | Via UC San Francisco | April 12, 2012

UCSF bioengineer Tejal Desai, PhD, will receive the 2012 Paul R. Dawson Biotechnology Award from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) at the group’s annual meeting in July. The award honors Desai for her contributions to contemporary teaching and scholarship in biotechnology. She is a faculty member and vice chair for education of […]

Proteomics: The Interaction Map

Trey Ideker | Via Nature | April 11, 2012

As increasing numbers of protein–protein interactions are identified, researchers are finding ways to interrogate these data and understand the interactions in a relevant context. Around the time that scientists celebrated the completion of the draft sequence of the human genome, papers from two separate groups described results of another project that tested all the possible […]

Pitt Researchers Develop Versatile Synthetic Platform to Produce Biodegradable Biomaterials for Specific Biomedical Applications

Yadong Wang | Via University of Pittsburgh News | April 11, 2012

Despite significant advances, the development of synthetic biomaterials still presents significant challenges in the field of biomedical engineering. Although synthetic biodegradable materials such as polyester exist, most are biologically inert and lack functionality. Now, thanks to a research team at the University of Pittsburgh, a synthetic platform has been developed that will help produce diverse […]

Online Tool Helps Those with BRCA Mutations Understand Options

Sylvia K. Plevritis | Via Stanford Medicine | April 9, 2012

At age 47, Melanie Lemons has already had her ovaries removed. With a few clicks of her computer’s mouse, she can see her estimated chance of survival if she has her breasts removed as well. Women like Lemons — who have a high risk for developing breast and ovarian cancers — used to face their […]

Nano-sized ‘Factories’ Churn Out Proteins

Robert Langer | Via Massachusetts Institute of Technology | April 8, 2012

Drugs made of protein have shown promise in treating cancer, but they are difficult to deliver because the body usually breaks down proteins before they reach their destination. To get around that obstacle, a team of MIT researchers has developed a new type of nanoparticle that can synthesize proteins on demand. Once these “protein-factory” particles […]

Nano-Sized ‘Factories’ Churn Out Proteins

Daniel Anderson | Via Massachusetts Institute of Technology | April 8, 2012

Drugs made of protein have shown promise in treating cancer, but they are difficult to deliver because the body usually breaks down proteins before they reach their destination. To get around that obstacle, a team of MIT researchers has developed a new type of nanoparticle that can synthesize proteins on demand. Once these “protein-factory” particles […]

Targeted Nanoparticles Show Success in Clinical Trials

Robert Langer | Via Massachusetts Institute of Technology | April 4, 2012

Targeted therapeutic nanoparticles that accumulate in tumors while bypassing healthy cells have shown promising results in an ongoing clinical trial, according to a new paper. The nanoparticles feature a homing molecule that allows them to specifically attack cancer cells, and are the first such targeted particles to enter human clinical studies. Originally developed by researchers […]

Bashir Wants Research to Have an Impact

Rashid Bashir | Via University of Illinois ECE | April 4, 2012

Like any good professor, ECE and Bioengineering Professor Rashid Bashir wants to pass on what he’s learned to students. That goes for both imparting knowledge of science and engineering to the students in his lab, and for passing on his experience when it comes to career choices. Bashir, the director of the Micro and Nanotechnology […]

Six Pegasus Professors Honored in 2012

Sudipta Seal | Via UCF Today | April 4, 2012

Five University of Central Florida scientists and an internationally renowned musician were recognized as Pegasus Professors today, during the annual Founders’  Day ceremony in the Student Union. The award is the most prestigious a faculty member can receive at UCF. The honor recognizes extraordinary contributions to the UCF community through teaching, research and service. Each […]

Texas Children’s Hospital Researchers Awarded More than $290,000 from Simmons Family Foundation for Joint Collaboration Projects

Jane Grande-Allen | Via Texas Children's Hospital | April 3, 2012

This year at the 2012 Collaborative Research Awards Luncheon held on Feb. 17, the Virginia and L.E. Simmons Family Foundation provided a total of $635,000 to support the Collaborative Research Fund program. This five-year, $3 million initiative, provides funding to support teams of collaborators from Texas Children’s Hospital, Rice University and The Methodist Hospital Research […]

Genetic Sensor Boosts Biofuel Production

Jay Keasling | Via MIT Technology Review | April 2, 2012

Designer microbes regulate their own pathways to optimize fuel production, boosting yields threefold. Give bacteria a bit of self-awareness and they can be smarter about producing biofuel. That’s the conclusion from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, who report a genetic sensor that enables bacteria to adjust their gene expression in response to varying […]

Akay Honored by Two Engineering Associations

Metin Akay | Via University of Houston | April 2, 2012

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has named Metin Akay, founding chair and John S. Dunn Endowed Chair Professor of the Cullen College’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, to its inaugural group of IEEE Brand Ambassadors. Founded in January of this year, the Brand Ambassador’s program is designed to communicate the importance of engineers and […]

Engineering School Announces New Dean, Major Gifts

Jeffrey Lewis Duerk | Via Case School of Engineering | April 1, 2012

Jeffrey L. Duerk oversees $11 million in gifts, including $5 million for Think[Box] program. The Case school of engineering is proud to announce the appointment of its new dean— former biomedical engineering department chair Jeffrey L. Duerk. The school recently announced $11 million in new gifts under Duerk’s leadership, with more than $5 million going to support […]

Jason Burdick Receives Edward C. Nagy New Investigator Award

Jason Burdick | Via SEAS Penn Engineering | April 1, 2012

Jason A. Burdick, associate professor in the department of Bioengineering, has been selected as a recipient of the Edward C. Nagy New Investigator Award from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB). The award will be presented at the first NIBIB Edward C. Nagy New Investigator Symposium on April 12, 2011 at the […]

Cancer Crusaders

Liping Tang | Via UT Arlington | April 1, 2012

Breakthroughs in tissue engineering and optical imaging have brought UT Arlington bioengineers millions of dollars in funding to fight the disease that took more than 570,000 American lives last year. The numbers are alarming. The National Cancer Institute estimates that almost half the country’s male population will have some form of cancer, as will about […]

Novel Compound Halts Tumor Spread, Improves Brain Cancer Treatment

Ravi Bellamkonda | Via Georgia Tech Research News | March 28, 2012

Treating invasive brain tumors with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation has improved clinical outcomes, but few patients survive longer than two years after diagnosis. The effectiveness of the treatment is limited by the tumor’s aggressive invasion of healthy brain tissue, which restricts chemotherapy access to the cancer cells and complicates surgical removal of the […]

Colburn Lecture Showcases Trailblazing Career as Researcher/Educator

H. Steven Colburn | Via Boston University | March 27, 2012

At a hearing research conference that Professor H. Steven Colburn (BME) attended in Germany several years ago, a 15-year-old girl recalled how a pair of cochlear implants changed her life. She observed that the first implant enabled her to converse with individuals in isolation, but not in groups; as conversations jumped from person to person, […]

Harvard’s Wyss Institute Creates Living Human Gut-on-a-Chip

Donald Ingber | Via Wyss Institute | March 27, 2012

Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have created a gut-on-a-chip microdevice lined by living human cells that mimics the structure, physiology, and mechanics of the human intestine — even supporting the growth of living microbes within its luminal space. As a more accurate alternative to conventional cell culture and […]